**Janet Zaretsky and Andrew Poles are the co-founders of the Impact Speaking Lab. Together they have over 38 years of experience in working with over 44,000 people to be impactful communicators, leaders, and presenters. Their personal journeys to become world-class trainers, coaches and speakers took years of cultivation and honing. What they discovered is this powerful and unique insight

Everyone has a natural ability to speak powerfully, to be heard and to galvanize others into immediate action. It’s their ability to connect– with their message, themselves and others, that unlocks that inherent ability.

Janet and Andrew created the Impact Speaking Lab’s suite of offerings out of their deep desire to contribute to the world by teaching others to make the difference that only they can make through their speaking. They have distilled their years of experience and wisdom into a simple, yet powerful, method that allows their trainees to have extraordinary breakthroughs in their leadership and, sales and presenting ability. They are known to be world-class executive coaches as well and offer executive coaching to support leaders in the organizations they serve.

Impact Speaking Lab’s offerings utilize a unique, proprietary approach to training which includes:

* A foundation based on the Neuroscience of Conversations®

* Masterful application of Experiential Learning theory

* Utilizing Ontology, a powerful discipline that examines being human, including how human beings act, perceive and        interact

This approach allows learners to incorporate and apply what they learn more naturally, enabling them to use the information immediately. As a result of our unique approach, our clients reliably alter their performance.

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