Make Your Presentations
Dynamic and Effective

We help your team be stellar communicators and presenters

Engaged Audiences

When audiences are engaged, they leave your presentation with your ideas, thoughts and what you conveyed and can take action on them.

Powerful Team Meetings

Being able to communicate in a way that has team members working toward the same goal and allows them to innovate and be creative is essential to your company’s future.

Have People Say Yes More Often

When you apply the Impact Speaking Method, you learn how to communicate in a way that has people see what you are saying as an opportunity which leads to the always desired “Yes!”.

Being an effective communicator isn’t just a skill that’s good to have– it’s critical:

Whether it’s

  • presentations in the boardroom
  • pitching an idea to investors
  • leading effective team meetings
  • selling
  • presenting at a conference 

The truth is that everyone has the potential to make a difference and produce new results through their speaking… but unfortunately, most don’t.

The Impact Speaking Lab Trains You To Become Someone Who Is a Dynamic and Engaging When You Speak and Present


“This was the most amazing workshop that I think I’ve ever participated in on any topic. This will change your speaking forever.”

Suzi Sosa, Founder & CEO of Verb

“I have had many opportunities to speak, but found myself shying away… The Impact Speaking Lab allowed me to connect deeply with my audience, reliably move people into action and manage my fear of public speaking… I highly recommend it! ” 

John Thornborrow, Founder Austin Impact Capital

“You get a better understanding of yourself and others. This can be applied to interactions with others. You don’t have to be standing in front of a room full of people.”

Libby McTeer, Senior Product Manager, Dell

At Impact Speaking Lab, we know that you want your team members to be stellar presenters. In order to do that, you need people who communicate effectively and dynamically when they’re presenting. 

The problem is, many people, especially in technology, are ineffectual communicators who give information-heavy, boring presentations, which can be frustrating and disappointing.

We believe your team members could easily be powerful and impactful communicators and presenters. 

We understand the frustration of having a great team who does strong work, but whose presentations are lackluster, which is why, with our 37 years of combined experience speaking and training to over 44,000 people, we created the Impact Speaking Method based in the Neuroscience of Communication.

Here’s how we do it:

We schedule an interview with team leaders to customize our training.

We design and deliver the customized training session with your team.

Your team members learn the  Impact Speaking Method and become stellar presenters who stand out in your organization.

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