Outstanding Sales Performance

Breakthrough performance happens when your sales people are powerful both in mindset and skillsets to confront the challenges of their daily tasks. When mastered, they become unstoppable.

Winning Corporate Culture

When managers get what they need to elevate performance and develop their salespeople,  they create a winning corporate culture in which they attract and retain their talent.


Proven Breakthrough Approach

Sales is simple- someone takes an action they were not going to before they spoke with the salesperson. Breakthrough sales requires an approach that applies the science of why people take the actions they do. When salespeople learn the science and utilize our breakthrough approach, their sales conversations consistently move your prospects to act.

Having a high-performing sales team is essential to your company’s success. 

Are you challenged by:

    • Keeping salespeople motivated
    • Disparity between top and average performers
    • Dips in performance
    • Salespeople who struggle to communicate your value proposition and win
    • Attrition in your sales organization
    • Sales training that lacks long-term impact
  • The truth is that everyone has the potential to produce outstanding results … but unfortunately, many don’t.

CONNECTED SELLING Trains Your Sales Organization To Produce Consistent, Expanding Results.


At Impact Speaking Lab we know that you want to be effective at building sales teams with strong performance and developing managers who empower those teams to produce ever-expanding results. In order to do that, you need tailored sales training that develops your sales managers to be effective coaches and trains your salespeople to sell effectively in this largely virtual and highly competitive sales environment.

The problem is that although most sales organizations have the internal knowledge of what is effective in selling their products/services, salespeoples’ behaviors are resistant to change which results in frustration, unmet expectations, attrition and a lack of fulfillment.

We believe that it is unnecessary to have great salespeople and sales managers who are not reaching their full potential. We understand the frustration of having a great team whose lack of fully developed skills thwarts their results, careers, and relationships.

This is why we distilled our 37 years of combined experience working with over 45,000 people into total sales solutions that work powerfully across a broad spectrum of industries. Our content is universally applicable, and our unique methodologies speak to all people.

Here’s how we do it:

 1. We schedule an interview with team leaders to assess your specific needs and tailor our trainings accordingly

2. We design and deliver the live or virtual interactive training sessions with your team.

3. Your team members learn to be high producing salespeople and managers who are motivated, compelling and fulfill both your customers needs and your company’s vision and mission.

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