Engaged Audiences

When audiences are engaged, they leave your presentation with your ideas, thoughts and what you conveyed and can take action on them.

Powerful Team Meetings

Being able to communicate in a way that has team members working toward the same goal and allows them to innovate and be creative is essential to your company’s future.

Have People Say Yes More Often

When you apply the Impact Speaking Method, you learn how to communicate in a way that has people see what you are saying as an opportunity which leads to the always desired “Yes!”.

Being a well developed dynamic presenter isn’t just a skill that’s good to have– it’s critical:

Whether it’s

  • presentations in the boardroom
  • pitching an idea to investors
  • leading effective team meetings
  • selling
  • presenting at a conference 

The truth is that everyone has the potential to make a difference and produce new results when they present… but unfortunately, most don’t.

The DYNAMIC AND EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION LAB Trains Your Teams to Be Dynamic and Engaging When They Speak and Present


At Impact Speaking Lab we know that most key business decisions, buyer decisions, and team meetings are shaped by presentations which has a direct impact on your bottom line and reputation inthe manarcketplace. We know that you want to be  employees who are dyanmic, well-spoken, clear and powerful presenters who engage audiences, influence decision makers and represent your company well. In order to do that, you need a tailored turn-key presentation training solution that is engaging, applicable across cultures, ages and genders that reliably elevates everyone’s ability to be dynamic and effective presenters.

The challenge is that most professionals enter the workforce with little to no training in presenting. They are forced to learn on the job through trial and error, negative manager feedback, or client dissatisfaction. Additionally, their managers don’t have the time or resources to develop them which leaves everyone frustrated, disappointed, embarrassed as well as employees whose career growth is thwarted.

We believe that it is unnecessary to have employees deliver sub-standard, uninspiring presentations and learn by failing at a significant cost to your company. We know that every employee has an innate ability to be a naturally dynamic and effective presenter, with the proper training.

This is why we distilled our 37 years of combined experience working with over 45,000 people into dynamic and effective presentation training that work powerfully across a broad spectrum of industries. Our content is universally applicable, and our unique methodologies speak to all people.

Here’s how we do it:

 1. We schedule an interview with team leaders to assess your specific needs and tailor our trainings accordingly

2. We design and deliver the live or virtual interactive training sessions with your team.

3. Your team members learn through Dynamic and Effective Presentation Training and become stellar presenters who stand out in your organization.

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